• Lubricants for vehicles and industries.

    The Russian Oil Giant presents its products in Angola.

  • Food distribution

    Voltari, distribuidor oficial dos produtos Iglo em Angola.

  • Professionalism, Accuracy and Dedication

    You find on Voltari a favorable environment to their reinforcement and development.

  • Experts in Sourcing and Procurement

    Dedicated to Guide, Manage, and Support your Sourcing Program.

  • Detail and Quality

    We provide business solutions tailored to the demanding requirements of our customers.

  • Professional Service

    We offer our customers a range of services unique in Angola.

  • Success Through Experience

    Voltari has the experience and know-how to make your Sourcing Program a success.

  • We Promote Business

    Less costs of prospection/contracting,

    lower administrative burden and overall simplicity.

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