Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

A Iglo é uma marca que detém há mais de 30 anos, desde o seu aparecimento em 1974, uma posição de liderança inquestionável no mercado. Esta é resultante, não apenas da apresentação de produtos de excelente qualidade, mas também da utilização de estratégias diferenciadoras de comunicação.

The optimum combination of factors has allowed Quality and Communication Iglo conquer and consolidate a strong and positive brand image, which has consumer confidence and is able to respond every time your needs.

It was for this reason that Iglo in 2003 received the award for Most Trusted Brand in Portugal, awarded by readers of Reader's Digest and in 2008, when there was a new election in the area of Frozen, made to obtain this distinction.

Sign up, though, the high reputation of the universe Iglo brands: Captain Iglo, for example, already in 1998 reached almost 100% notoriety rare case in Portugal.

Knowledgeable consumers deep, allowing you to keep in the forefront of their preferences, their culture Iglo integrates the important factor innovation, which allows you to remain vigilant and proactive about the changing tastes and market trends.

Iglo is clearly the brand that best understands and frozen fits Angolan market.

For information about purchasing products Iglo contact us at:

Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto, 6, Luanda
Land: + 244 222 328 290
Fax: + 244 222 328 163
Mobile:+ 244 933 863 978
Email : iglo@voltari-international.com

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