Iglo Brand Values​

Iglo Brand Values​

Iglo Brand Values

Iglo believes that the best food is the "natural food." Therefore, all brand products using the finest ingredients and Iglo opts for freezing technology because it is the most natural way to preserve food.

Iglo is characterized by integrity - the brand believes in quality food superior product that sells.

For Iglo, Food equals Life - in Iglo "loves to food", its flavor, its appearance, its smell ... It is a brand that is constantly looking for new flavors and new ideas about food.

Iglo is a Next brand - is integrated into the day-to-day consumer, who offers solutions for the present and who anticipates future needs.

Finally, Iglo's Trust - owns and deserves always been the absolute confidence of its consumers, because everything in Iglo is prepared according to the strictest quality standards.


  • Linhas de Produtos:

    • Vegetais Naturais (Directamente do campo para a sua mesa.);
    • Vegetais Preparados (Nunca os vegetais foram tão saborosos.);
    • Peixe Natural (Sempre fresco e muito saboroso.);
    • Peixe Preparado (Cozinhar peixe nunca foi tão simples e saboroso.);
    • Marisco Natural (Sempre muito suculento e saboroso.);
    • Marisco Preparado (Receitas já preparadas para a sua conveniência.);
    • Frango Preparado (Delicioso e prático, uma alternativa mais saudável para a refeição.);
    • Refeições Prontas (Jante fora em sua casa.);
    • Pizzas (O melhor de Itália à sua mesa.);
    • Salgados (O melhor da tradição da Lusofonia.);
    • Batatas (Prontas a cozinhar, sempre práticas e saborosas.);
    • Fruta (Deliciosa, já lavada e sempre à mão.). 


The area of Frozen food has been expanding, reflecting changes in consumer eating habits. Increasingly, the everyday busy life does not allow sometimes buying food "fresh", nor is there even time to cook.

Thus, consumers increasingly use more frequently the frozen food by benefits: they are more practical than fresh foods, more accessible, easier to prepare and more durable. As freezing is a method of preserving natural does not need to use preservatives and are able to keep intact the organoleptic qualities of the food for a long time.

Today more than ever, have frozen increasingly strong arguments: flavor and texture of fresh next; variety of products, and quality controlled which translates to the consumer, greater confidence in these products.

The Iglo brand is the market leader and benchmark in this category. The brand is present in virtually all segments of the frozen, nearly 100 product references.