SH`s Message

We aim to grow and improve all indicators of the operation.

MD's Message

Voltari is a young company but with strong and deep roots in the Angolan market whose turnover assures a great emphasis in the industry. With a strong shareholder core, our organization has a set of skills and partnerships that allow us to reliably and consistently deliver, through the aggregation of requirements, the necessary conditions for increasing competitiveness in the business of our customers. This year we want to buy better and more, therefore to achieve this we will:

  • Encourage national production;
  • Optimise the supply chain and import processes;
  • Strengthen partnerships with agents / producers nationally and internationally.

Our ambition is to grow in size and innovation, reaching levels of increasing efficiency, improving all indicators of the operation and maximizing the return on our investments. The vote of confidence given to Voltari, for all those who relate to us, we appreciate and we will strive to meet to all expectations and especially to our customers. With the contribution of all, we will be a stronger company that is actively involved in building a more prosperous, fairer, more ethical and more sustainable society.

We are together.